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Attention all jailbreak enthusiasts, we have gathered some of the best Cydia sources down below, they will come in handy if you own or will own an iPhone 6/6 Plus. These repos contain some of the first-rate Cydia apps and tweaks, you can also use the below mentioned Cydia sources for the following devices: iPad Air, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and iPad Mini.

If you have an iPhone 5 or 5S, these apps will work just as well on the latter devices.


The BigBoss repo takes the medal in our top, you should get this because you will have access to an unlimited number of free apps, plus they are all high-quality ones. And last but not least, you won’t find a better price for these apps.


BiteYourApple repo has cemented its place in this top, it will definitely be taken into account for the 7th Apple phone and possibly the 8th. With the latter repo, you can set-up paid games/apps and it won’t cost you a penny.

Sinful iPhone

Sinful iPhone repo also houses a bunch of apps and tweaks designed for iPad and iPhone and because it is backed up by a vast community, the Cydia apps are constantly being upgraded. So, if you want to be counted amongst the first to get your hands on the newest apps, you need to have Sinful iPhone repo, as it’s definitely worth installing on every smartphone.


ModMyi is another repo that has devoted supporters, it’s no wonder every game and tweak out there is updated, go ahead and check out the lockscreen tweaks or some neat themes for free.


xSellize is one repo that is on every Cydia user’s lips, ever since the iOS 7.1.2 saw the light of day, users started to use xSellize Repo like crazy. It comes in handy if you are looking to crack an app for your iPod touch, iPad and of course the smartphone, what do you thing, it’s worth installing?