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The Z3 from Sony is very similar to its predecessor, the Z2, and even the specifications are a lot like the Z2. So, will it be able to tempt the existing users of the previous model, the Z2, to upgrade to the Z3? Or more pertinent, will it be able to attract users of other brands to switch over to the Z3? Let’s take a quick look.


The design cannot be termed as a bold or aesthetic one, which is true of all phones in the Z series. The latest flagship phone, the Z3, offers a premium look due to the metal edges coming in a matte finish. However, the buttons and the ports are sealed, so that the phone remains waterproof. It has a dedicated button for the camera app.

Screen and Display

The Z3 has dimensions of 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm and weighs 152 grams. It comes with a screen size of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The viewing angles, as well as the color representations, are good, and it is brighter this time around.

Hardware and Software

The device comes with a 5.2 inches of full HD, Triluminos screen, with X-Reality. The processor is powered at 2.5 GHZ and is a quad core one, increased from the 2.3 GHz of the Z2. However, it retains the Snapdragon 801 chip. The camera also remains the same at 20.7 MP and the device runs of Android, 4.4 KitKat. The battery capacity has been brought down to 3100 mAh. The internal storage is 16 GB, with 12 GB free.

What’s Different This Time?

Though many of the features of the Z3 are familiar, it is still unique in some ways. It is slimmer by one mm in dimensions and also lighter at 152 grams, compared to the 163 grams of the Z2. The waterproof feature is also enhanced, and it is rated at IP65/68, offering full dust resistance as well. This means that you can place it in 1.5 meters under water for 30 minutes. The camera is better, and the display is brighter.


The battery life seems to have taken the toll due to the LG G3 being 2K capable.


The Z3 continues to have the same 20.7 MP rear camera, but it has been improved in other ways. The lens is wider at 25 mm so that you can get more footage with your shots. There are also several custom features, such as Picture effect and Info-eye, multi-camera that combines two shots, the AR fun mode and the Live YouTube mode and so on, which can be quite useful features.


Though it looks a lot like the Z2, it does have some new tricks to reveal. Firstly, it has a great battery life, and the camera is undoubtedly great. However, the software used is slightly outdated. As a package, the Z3 is a very good Xperia phone, with improved finishing on the side, the right feel (not too heavy), the upgraded display, and the good specs.