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Many Skype users have been reporting issues to do with signing into the app.

There are also others who have raised concerns about a glitch that is preventing them from seeing whether other contacts are online or not.

To make matters worse, the glitch goes to the extent of blocking these users from placing any voice or video calls to any other contact. If you have been experiencing this issue on the latest version of Skype, there is some good news for you as Microsoft has promised that it is working on the issue, and a fix will be released very soon.

Further, Skype problems arising from the glitch

According to Microsoft, the newly discovered glitch also goes ahead and denies users the chance to change their status when signed in as well as hampers updates made to any other Skype account details. Even though this glitch seems to be denying users of Skype some of the basic services of the app, there is still some hope.

Microsoft noted that users will still be able to send free messages to each other. However, trouble might come in when it comes to exchanging messages in group chats. Even though the company mentioned that this fix will be rolled out “soon”, there is no report that a new version or update has been pushed. So, it leaves us wondering whether the update will be pushed silently from the server side, or the company is yet to find the solution to the glitch, which will eventually be pushed a client-side update.

Probable solutions to current Skype glitch as we wait for fixes from Microsoft

As noted earlier, the company behind this chat app only said that the fix will be out very soon, and there is no news of when “soon” is. Nonetheless, our team of editors has worked around some tricks and tips that you could use to access the full package of Skype services as you wait for Microsoft to roll put the fixes.

It seems the glitch is only affecting or rather targeting those using Skype on mobile devices as well as on PCs. So, the only basic way out of this problem is to stick to using the Skype for Web service. However, there is still a slight challenge as the person on the other end also needs to be using the web service for you two to circumvent this issue.

Competition in the voice and video calling space has increased drastically in the recent past, with apps such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and FaceTime doing quite amazing in there. The comforting thing for Microsoft is that Skype is not the only app to face such outages in its video calling service; Apple’s FaceTime has also had this issue in the past.