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Making free video calls over the internet is not something new to the present world.

In fact, there are dozens of apps that offer this service for free, be it on a smartphone, tablet or PC; you can make a free video call to anyone in just one click.

T-Mobile, a giant wireless carrier in the U.S., is aware of this aspect. However, it has come in with something new for its subscribers. Anyone who will get a T-Mobile device will be able to make video calls out of the box without having to download any third-party app for doing so. With video calling working on these devices out of the box, it spells a difficult time ahead for apps that are offering this service as well.

How it works

T-Mobile reveals that the new video calling feature on their devices should be seamless as though you are making a regular call. When you place or receive a call, all you need to do is press the voice or video call button. If it’s this simple, why waste time downloading, installing, configuring and registering any other apps for the same video calling purposes?

When you place a video call, you will notice a small camera appearing next to the contact in the call. This icon means that the recipient’s device is capable of receiving video calls, however, if you see this icon grayed out; just know that your friend’s phone cannot receive a video call.

All you need to place these T-Mobile video calls is high-speed data on your mobile phone or Wi-Fi connection. T-Mobile revealed that the video calling feature moves between Wi-Fi and LTE connections such that when there is a slow connection, the video call will switch to a voice call. In this way, you will only lose the image and not the entire conversation. When the connection is back to normal, one single tap will take you back to the T-Mobile video calling feature.

T-Mobile video calling feature available on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5

Samsung devices are the first to receive this new, in-built T-Mobile video calling feature. However, it is only available via simple software updates that are meant for some of the latest gizmos from this Korean tech company.

If you are lucky enough to own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ bought from T-Mobile, you will be among the first to use this service. The same is also true for those using Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However, both smartphone owners must first of all download and install a simple update that will enable this feature on their devices. The mobile wireless carrier revealed that the same updates will soon be availed to those using Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

As revealed by the chief technology officer of T-Mobile Neville Ray, there are still three more devices to come this year; all of which will be offering this service. There is no news of what brands Ray has in mind, but we may end up seeing the software update pushed to some of the latest iPhones. However, it is only time that will tell.

As noted earlier, video calling technology is nothing new. In fact, there are lots of apps such as Skype, Viber and Facebook Messenger that are doing quite amazingly in this niche. T-Mobile has just made this very crucial technology an out-of-the-box feature.