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It is not the first time the terms Apple and Google have been mentioned in one instance, or rather, head to head.

These two companies have always been competing for the same market and in many other aspects.

It is the consumer products that these two companies make that drive this fierce rivalry to the extent it is at today. Both companies have services in the music streaming business, live streaming business as well as the maps business.

Based on the recent improvements and functionality, especially with respect to iOS 9, Apple Maps has made a step forward, and it might not be long before this app takes over from Google Maps. However, Google might have a huge advantage over Apple thanks to the fact that Google Maps can be installed and used on both Android and iOS devices, yet Apple Maps can only work with iOS devices alone.

Apple Maps keeps improving, which is a threat to the dominant Google Maps

When Apple first launched the Apple Maps service, it was undeniably terrible just to be fair. There was clear distortion in the satellite images on offer, wrong placement of the points of interest as well as wrong map directions. However, things have changed quick and fast, and now it offers one of the perfect mapping services on mobile devices.

You will come across a much better-looking UI, an enhanced navigation system as well as better performance; something that makes is a potential threat to Google Maps. The improvements that Apple has added to the Apple Maps for iOS 9 are only but aimed at luring more and more iOS users onto this platform.

Apple Maps is more accurate than Google Maps

According to BGR, Apple Maps is the app of choice in Chicago where the app’s location system has drastically improved in the recent past. Even though this means that more and more people might be joining this platform, the major highlight in the latest update of the mapping service is its transiting feature.

When it comes to transiting around the city, Apple Maps will come to your aid and make sure that you find your way in the best possible manner and shortest time. This new version can be downloaded directly from the iTunes App Store for those using iOS devices.

Whether Apple will take bolder steps and start offering this application on other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone is not known, but hopefully this wonderful service will find its way to other platforms other than the iOS.

Have you tried the latest version of Apple Maps on your iPhone? Is it superior to Google Maps?

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