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People no longer use the internet in the same way like they used to.

Apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LINE and many others have totally changed everything about how we used to communicate over the internet.

There is more to these chat apps than just the messaging services on offer. These apps are already being used as business models; generating the parent companies huge sums of money by helping businesses bridge their communication gaps with customers. WeChat allows users to communicate free as long as they are connected to the internet.

Other than sending text-based messages to other WeChat contacts, this application can also be used to exchange videos, audio files as well as photos. Also, those who think typing is just too much for them and they’d love to be involved in a live conversation, the app offers free voice and video calling services too.

WeChat has over 600 million users

WeChat, owned by TenCent, was started in 2011. The app began as a way of solving the issues that the Chinese government had with other internet communication platforms. To date, there are over 600 million people actively using this platform, however, a huge percentage of them are based on the app’s home country, with only about 30% accounting for the rest of the app’s global usage.

WeChat can be used as a marketing tool

WeChat has undergone numerous developments ever since it was developed. It has moved from just being a messaging and VoIP app to an e-commerce application. It has pushed itself towards becoming a very effective tool for marketers by simply offering organizations a chance to open a public account that can then be used to push notifications to their customers.

Furthermore, this platform can also be used for chatting with these subscribers, and it can be used for promotional purposes. In China alone, it is reported that more than 40,000 business organizations use WeChat to promote their brands, an indicator that TenCent is far much ahead when it comes to innovation.

As far as using WeChat as a marketing tool is concerned, the app distributes coupons on its platform and issues discounts via QR codes as well. These are some of the biggest ways of attracting customers, and since these coupons can easily be circulated through WeChat Moments, it makes marketing efforts via this platform extremely easy and very much possible for your business entity.

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