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Do you keep hearing buzzing sounds when inside the Facebook Messenger app? Well, this can be annoying, especially if you are in a public place.

Facebook Messenger has expanded its user base in the recent past, with now a total user base that well exceeds 700 million users. However, this is a statistic that was released a few months ago and given the recent rate of adoption the app has been going through, this app’s user base might well be over 800 million users.

If you are a user of Messenger, you suddenly agree that your inbox has been receiving more messages in the recent months as opposed to what you received a few months ago. More and more people have begun embracing the idea of Facebook separating the Messenger chat app from the official Facebook app for mobile devices.

However, the buzzing thing can somehow be annoying when using this application, given that it happens even when you are staring at the conversation, unlike with the case of WhatsApp which does away with the buzzing sound when already inside a conversation. If this sound annoys you, here is a way out.

Disabling buzzing sound in Facebook Messenger

You can easily disable the Facebook Messenger notifications from the settings app of your iPhone. It’s easy. Just head to the settings and then tap on notifications then choose Messenger. Here, you can turn off the notifications completely, or maybe just alter them a bit by your preferences.

Well, this move will only help with eliminating the buzz or banner whenever a message comes in via Facebook Messenger. However, you will still hear the annoying buzz when chatting with your friend, which means you have to use the actual settings of the app to take care of this buzzing when inside a conversation.

Start the Messenger app and tap on the Settings tap right at the lower corner. Inside these settings, you will see more options and among them is Notifications. Tap on this option to reveal more customization options for Facebook Messenger notifications. Toggle the Vibration option off and if you like, you can do the same for the Sounds.

Now even when you are on a conversation, you will no longer hear the usually annoying buzzing sound or vibration.