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Xperia users can now rejoice because Sony just “liberated” the Android update to Xperia M2 devices. The new Android Lollipop update has finally reached Single and Dual-SIM Xperia handsets as well as the M2 Aqua model. This is not a rumor as members from the Sony community confirmed it.

Everyone has heard about the improvements that come along with the Android Lollipop update. If you don’t remember, let us refresh your memory a bit.

  • Enhanced ART.
  • Top-notch stability.
  • Okay Google is now working like clockwork.
  • The Wi-Fi switch has been added to Quick Settings (having Bluetooth by its side) and the list doesn’t stop here. The issue that was causing multiple apps to crash out of the blue, the memory leak to be more precise was also fixed. So, as you can see from these examples, there are lots of things to look forward as far as the Android Lollipop is concerned.

The LinkedIn app will also be part of the Sony update and will also roll out with bug fixes. And that’s not all. Sony has gone all out and has decided to implement an option that permits you to take selfies. This can be used with SmartWear. If you’re the lucky owner of a Sony SmartWatch 3, the latter gizmo can be used as a push-knob.

Now that the Android Lollipop update has finally been set in motion for the Xperia M2 series, Sony has successfully completed its list of devices that were scheduled to receive the update.

What’s next? Well, we are looking forward to see Sony’s upcoming list of devices that will embrace the new Android Marshmallow. HTC apparently pulled out a big list handsets that are ready to receive the OS upgrade. So, we’re just wondering which of Sony’s devices will qualify for the Android M rollout, aren’t you?