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The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were rolled out at the end of last week, with China appearing on Apple’s list of launch countries for the first time.

In the wake of this release, TenCent has also pushed an update of theirs with respect to WeChat, the famous mobile messaging app that rules the communication space in China and other neighboring regions. WeChat has now been updated with 3D Touch technology to allow easy usage of the new iPhone models.

In addition to making Apple users proud, TenCent has something in store for users of Windows as well. Wait, did you even know WeChat has a Windows app? Well, if you didn’t, there you go. You can now download the latest version of this chat app on your Windows PC and start enjoying free video calling services on your desktop, something that is new to this platform.

How will WeChat work with 3D Touch?

3D Touch technology is one of the things that will be driving the sales of iPhone 6S. As of now, many people haven’t realized the power of this addition, but once they do, they will be flooding stores for these new devices.

On iPhone 6S, the 3D Touch functionality allows users to start a number of in-app features that have already been preselected by the developer. This can happen directly from the home screen by simply pressing the icons with varied pressure. When it comes to WeChat, making a deeper press will pop up more options for muting the app notifications, instantly displaying your QR code, take a picture with the Camera of the app or even launch a new chat session.

WeChat, which is mainly based in China, has over 600 million users to its name. The company also claims that the app’s version that is being used by locals of China is very powerful, and it is only available in China alone.

In a recent move by the company to bring its amazing e-commerce services to the West, TenCent shelled out $50 million of investment money to Canadian start-up Kik. This move is aimed at making Kik the WeChat of the West, but some still predict that this Chinese-based app will still find its way into the western nations.

On the other hand, apps that are based in this western region, for instance, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, have been working hard to try and bring almost similar communication platforms to the west, but none has yet to materialize as of now.

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