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Apple recently rolled out iOS 9, and as it seems, there are users who have already started complaining about this new OS.

The operating system’s share of problems is being felt by those using WhatsApp and Facebook on their iPhones running on this latest platform. Regardless of the latest fears in this OS, reports suggest that it has been less buggy than the previous iOS 8.

Facebook and WhatsApp are the two most used applications on earth, with the former having already reached over 1 billion users while the latter trailing at 900 million users per month. When there is anything that alters the seamless functioning of these two apps, it becomes a world problem. Now that the iOS 9 is having issues, especially when using these two apps, it has become a huge concern for thousands who has already started adopting this new OS on their iPhones.

iOS 9 mutes iPhone volume when using WhatsApp or Facebook

According to the latest reports, it seems most of the people who have already downloaded and upgraded their devices with the latest iOS 9 are constantly emailing Apple with complaints about iPhone volumes shutting off when doing certain activities. It has been revealed that when say, listening to music on your iPhone then you feel like messaging someone on WhatsApp or Facebook, the sound suddenly shuts off. This change is even reflected in the volume settings of the phone, where it turns to zero.

Apple has not solved the problem just yet

As of now, there is no confirmation whatsoever that this problem is associated with issues coming from iOS 9, or it is due to bugs that are in WhatsApp or Facebook. However, since this problem is only affecting WhatsApp and Facebook, there is a likelihood that this problem is being caused by a bug in Apple’s iOS 9.

This is not the only issue that has come in since iOS 9 started running on devices. Many users have been reporting relatively minor issues, but this one about the volume is very annoying.

Some of the bugs that have been reported by iPhone users since the launch of iOS 9 include shutting off of cellular access for any third-party application. In short, it meant that users had to rely on Wi-Fi connections to use these apps. Another issue is theunannounced crashing of devices, which is kind of a norm with all new operating systems.