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Telegram is a new messenger that has continuously been growing its popularity from all over the world.

This app’s success is based on the facts that it offers a fast and secure chat platform to its users.

The app good thing is that just like most messaging apps, Telegram can easily be installed and used on almost any device, be it android, iOS, Windows Phone, among others. Furthermore, it is just the app you need especially if you have had past issues when it comes to sharing large files on other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

Security has always remained the main concern for many users, yet many of the domineering apps such as Skype and WhatsApp have not installed formidable encryption protocols to safeguard the transmission of messages. This then leaves us with Telegram as the most secure apps available for messaging services today.

So, what’s on Telegram?

As noted earlier, Telegram is a simple and easy to use a messaging app that keeps its focus on privacy, security as well as platform availability. The app is available on both mobile platforms and desktops as well. The security part of the app allows users to exchange messages that are encrypted end-to-end, and they destroy themselves after a while. These messages can also carry along with them other fun stuff such as stickers, photos, and videos.

Unlike WhatsApp, which allows users to share files with a maximum of 16MB, Telegram will let you share up to 1.5GB. The client-side code of Telegram is open-source, but the server side code is proprietary.

Telegram is the most secure messaging app

Telegram focuses heavily on security and privacy matters of users, which is nice since most users are very much concerned about this issue. WhatsApp has had reports of hackers playing around with users’ personal information, and this hasn’t stopped in any way as we get to hear of newer vulnerabilities almost every week.

On the other hand, Telegram developers are so sure of the security protocols used by the application to a point that they usually hold contests where the best hackers are challenged to break into the app’s system and access any personal information from within a chat between two people. According to the company, these challenges will be there forever.

In 2013, a Russian IT geek discovered a potential vulnerability in Telegram following the announcement of the cryptography challenge. Even though he did not manage to decipher the traffic, the owner of this messaging platform honored his part and rewarded $100,000 to the person who discovered the glitch. There haven’t been any winners of this contest so far, an indicator that the encryption protocol used on this platform is the most secure.

Telegram only needs a phone number to setup

In setting up a Telegram account, you only need a phone number, just like WhatsApp and Viber. The application will then send you a verification code via SMS. Whenever you use the app, you will be notified of any subsequent logins with the time of login as well. It is possible to change your number without losing the messages received from the previous phone number associated with the Telegram account.

Users of this app will be able to enjoy two types of chats. One is an ordinary chat that makes use of client-server encryption and messages can be accessed from multiple devices with the Telegram account. The other is a secret chat where end-to-end encryption is used and the messages exchanged can only be accessed from the two devices participating in the chat.

Just like WhatsApp, you will be able to receive delivery reports, customize your last seen timestamp, and block annoying users as well as mute chats. When chatting with a friend, Telegram allows you to check out their status too.

Telegram is free to download, install and use for a lifetime.

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