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Refined TouchWiz

The Galaxy S6 has been completely redesigned, and it works. Each aspect of it is powerful and purposeful, and it matches up to an iPhone. However, TouchWiz continues to remain its Achilles heel and results in cartoonish feel, whereas other phones in the competition are more premium though a lot of bloatware and icons have been eliminated.


Plastic has finally gone out and so has to the waterproof feature and instead, you have glass and metal combination with a Gorilla Glass 4. The battery is not removable anymore, and the microSD slot has been let go. This has improved the speed and the performance of the phone and offered a better design to the phone. The phone is being offered in variants of 32 GB; 64 GB and 128 GB to compensate for the removal of the microSD slot, but the latter options are more expensive.

The screen comes with QHD resolution and a 5.1 inches display using super AMOLED, offering a crisp display of 577 ppi, with browsing and video watching being a joy on this screen.


TouchWiz is Samsung’s overlay on Android and, thankfully, it has been improved, though it still retains its garish colors and complicated options. Thankfully, some changes have been made to the menus and some of the apps have been polished and made simpler. Lollipop’s material design also seems to have stretched into the phone and is quite attractive. S  Voice is no longer there on the home button, and you can access the camera within 0.7 seconds.

Well Specified

The hardware specifications are excellent, with QHD screen and a 64 bit, octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM. The storage has been upgraded to 128 GB version as well. The fingerprint sensor offers a touch option and not a swipe one, offering more accuracy and security. There are also increased payment options, using magnet strip and NFC, along with barcodes.


The phone comes with a sturdy and stylish design and offers an excellent camera experience. The screen I s super sharp and the camera is excellent,s even in low light conditions.


However, the battery life is not up to the required amount, and the fingerprint sensor is somewhat flaky. The phone would have been a better bargain if it were waterproof. The battery is not removable, and it does not have a microSD feature. Also, TouchWiz continues to grate.


The camera comes with a 16 MP resolution in the front and has all tricks, such as Auto HDR and OIS, automatic tracking feature that follows faces and other moving objects. The front camera comes with a resolution of 5 MP and offers quick shutter speed and excellent performance in low light conditions. It also has the HDR mode to improve pictures or selfies.


Though Samsung fans might miss the microSD card and the removable battery, the removal seems to make sense. The phone has excellent specifications and is one of the best from Samsung. It is a huge leap for Samsung and can equal the best phones in its range available in the market.