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High Quality at Low Cost

Despite the competition, Motorola G still rules over other budget phones. It ranks among the cheapest Android phones that you can safely and confidently buy, without missing out on the latest features. The 2015 model is its 3rd generation model, and it does not deviate from its tried and tested formula. It offers the best deal on an Android phone.

Design and Look

The design has not changed much, and it comes with the same chrome and curves. The phone has a screen of 5 inches, with a resolution of 720 pixels, similar to last year’s model. The Gorilla Glass 3 offers additional protection to prevent scratches. However, the LED notification has gone and in its place, you get the Moto Display with notifications appearing in the form of small icons on the screen.

The new Moto G 2015 has a good grip, with the textured power button and is slightly heavier in a streamlined way.

Hardware Specs

Moto G 3rd Gen has a battery of 2470 mAh, with a micro SIM and microSD reader, with of the option of expanding the capacity to 32 GB with an external card. This is important, as the phone is available only in 8 GB and in 16 GB versions built in storage. The 8 GB model has a RAM of 1 GB, and the 16 GB version comes with 2 GB of RAM. The phone is powered by quad core – Snapdragon 410 and clocks at 1.4 GHz, and it performs regular functions efficiently. It also offers support for LTE.


As it is a low-cost device, the compromise comes in the screen, which has a low resolution of 720 pixels, but the LCD panel offers a solid view with bright and saturated colors. The viewing angles seem good, and the front speaker offers deep sounds.

Software Specs

Moto G 2015 can offer you a pure Android experience though it is not stock Android. You can experience the Vanilla Android, 5.11 version, but there are a few changes, but they only assist in making Android perform better with the hardware. There aren’t many Google apps as add-ons, but those that are there are useful.

Moto Assist

It allows you to program sleep schedules so that the phone automatically remains quiet when you are sleeping. You can also access the calendar so that the phone remains quiet during your meetings or other important events. Also, you can also specify a location where it should remain silent, such as a place of worship and so on. By setting up such basic rules, you don’t have to bring frantically down the volume of the phone when required.

Customizing with Moto Maker

You can customize the phone to make it more personal with the Moto Maker. Irrespective of the configuration, all the phones are waterproof for half an hour in about a meter of water.


The Moto G, 3rd generation 2015, offers the best bang among Android phones, with a neat blend of performance and software, not to mention a solid camera.

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