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The Moto G series has won over the heart of the everyday consumer due to the thrifty prices. And this line will remain to be favored by a lot of people because the entire Moto G line will receive the Android M upgrade. Worth mentioning is the first and foremost Moto G (2013 version) as well as the 2nd and 3rd devices.

However, before the 6.0 upgrade hits these devices, the runner up is Android Lollipop. The latter update has already reached several gizmos, however the 2013 versions are still on hold.

As for Android M, Google is planning to set it into the wild these upcoming days. Also as soon as the manufactures are done making the final adjustments to the OS, the Marshmallow update will start rolling out to devices across the world.

In case you need to be reminded, the Nexus devices are the first ones to experience the Marshmallow OS, however Motorola is runner-up. Even if the Lollipop update was unfolded pretty slowly to Motorola G devices, the timing was just right. Moreover, the company has validated the fact the Motorola G devices will move up to the Android M, the only thing that remains uncertain is the release.

Keep in mind that the Moto G update will be at the bottom of the list since Motorola has launched newer handsets that are ready to embrace this upgrade. Thus, the oldie but goldie Moto G gizmos are in for a wait and February 2016 might be the end of the Android M rollout.

As for the Moto X Pure and Play, the brand new Motorola G and E variants will start to receive the Android 6.0 M in the month of November. The 2nd generation of handsets is expected to get the upgrade only in the month of December.