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Google is a term that is familiar to every living soul on earth (well, this might be a little exaggeration).

But wait until you go around asking anybody anything they don’t know and you’ll be surprised to see how many will respond with “Google it!” as their way to “help” you find what you really want.

This term is associated with the search capabilities of this company. Google search is the leading search engine in the world right now, and loads of traffic is driven to this platform every hour. The rate at which the services of this company are used has even further increased thanks to the continued dominance of Android devices in the world.

Walk in every park, restaurant or any public place and almost everyone there has an Android smartphone, with a few Windows Phone, iPhones and maybe you’ll be lucky to come across a BlackBerry smartphone. It is the ability of Google to offer users lots of free and exciting apps for using on this easy to use platform via the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store may be renamed to Google Store

The Google Play Store is also another not-so-very new term to millions of people who own Android devices. However, very few of these users have an idea of what this app store used to call itself in the early days of Android. Well, if you didn’t, the name is the Android Market.

The change came back in 2012, and it seems there is another imminent change coming soon, with the Google Play Store set to be rebranded to Google Store. Some server-side images have popped up, and they display “Google Store” in the usual place of “Google Play.” This change has been reflected in both the permission pages and the top search bar.

So, what does this mean?

Well, this could mean anything as Google has not yet confirmed anything just yet. It can be easy to say that Google might be ditching the “Play” add-on and instead sticking with simply Google X or Google Y. For instance, instead of Google Play Music, simply Google Play and others such as Google Books, Google Movies, Google Newsstand and many more. Honestly, the entire Plaything has never been necessary in any case.

This change could also mean that users will now have to buy apps, games, music and movies/TV from the same Google Store. Having two separate stores would not make any sense, and the ideal thing would be to keep this new Google Store as the home of everything. There is no need of having the Google Store in place just for devices and then the Google Play Store for any other thing. It is better to have one place equipped with everything you need.

Has anyone noticed rebranding of the Play Store to Google Store?