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Google has finally rolled out the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, all of which have come in with the latest operating system in the shape of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.  

This new operating system and devices come with lots of promises. And just so as to ensure users get the most out of these devices, Google has also updated the Google Play Store in favor of Android developers. Starting this month onwards, Google developers will be able to enjoy an increased Play Store APK size limit.

This change is just a formality since the restriction about file sizes is only but an artificial cap. The previous limit of 50MB has been there for quite some time, well before when the Google Play Store was still known as the Android Market.

No more workarounds for Android developers

Since 2012, Google developers have been limited to keeping their apps’ APK sizes to below 50MB. However, this Mountain View-based tech company provided these developers with some form of workaround where they could include up to two expansion files (obb files) with file sizes of up to 2GB each. The executable file still had to remain within the APK whereas the obb files come in when large resources are needed, for instance, in videos, audio or maps.

In the early days of Android, developers had to ensure they used resources that go hand-in-hand with the quality of devices and displays then. This meant that they had to stick to resources that range from ldpi to hdpi, which made it easier to keep resources down. The old days are gone, and we are in a new era where QHD displays are what dominate today’s smartphone screens. In this regards, applications have naturally jumped above the 50MB limit, hence the need for Google to increase the APK file size limit to 100MB.

Less hassle for Android developers when packaging apps

Now that there is a new Play Store APK file size limit of 100MB, developers will now be able to build apps in sizes they want as opposed to past occasions where they had to work around on resources or even be forced to drop some MBs of some files into the obb files.

Increment in Play Store APK file size limit will not affect size of Android apps

There are some users who might already be thinking, “Oh, Google just increased the APK file size limit for developers, and now I need more storage space on my device for the large apps!” Well, there is much better news for you as Google notes that these increments will not whatsoever directly imply that the resulting apps will be much larger than what we have at the moment. However, it will only make things for developers much easier as far as packaging these apps is concerned.

It is not the first time we will see an app that is larger than 50MB. Google has in the past exceeded this limit with certain variants of the Android version of the Chrome web browser, which sometimes goes up to 70MB.

There will also be changes in the warning message that appear when downloading apps with larger sizes. This alert will now show only when an app needs obb files and has over 100MB.