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With Gmail becoming increasingly popular nowadays, there’s no better time to create an account here, since you get quite a lot of value from using it. The interface is nicely designed, and the integration with Google services is amazing to say the least. But how can we create a Gmail account? We have created a small guide to help you get the best results here!

Open the Gmail site

You will need to press the button where is says Create an Account as this is how you will initiate the process right off the bat.

Write down the desired username

You then have to enter your name and surname as well as the username. It’s important to have an username that’s easy to remember, otherwise you might end up forgetting it completely, so keep that in mind as it’s crucial.

Select a password

Once you added all the other information, you have to place a password. Remember that the password shouldn’t be that complicated as you might end up forgetting it, so keep this in mind. You will also need to write it down twice, just to make sure that you remember it, so try to do that as it’s important.

Add the extra information

After adding the username and password, you will need to fill out the rest of all required information. This includes your birthday, as well as phone number, gender and other information. Using the phone number is a recommended step, but it’s not require so you can easily move onward. You will be contacted via phone if the account gets hacked or anything similar so if you value privacy adding it might be a very good idea.

Complete the CAPTCHA

You have to complete this step as this shows Google that you are a real person and not just a bot. if there are situations where you just can’t read it, then all you need to do here is to press the refresh button and another one will appear.

Agree to the privacy policy

You will need to read the privacy policy and comply to it if you want to have a Gmail account. It might take a while, but read it carefully, because your account will be closed if you don’t respect the terms and conditions. Check the box if you agree to the terms and press Next Step.

After you do that you will be able to create your own Google Plus account, it’s just a matter of following the on-screen instructions. You should add a profile image since that does come in handy.

Once all these steps are completed, you will now have a newly created Gmail account that can be used in any way you want!