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Gmail is one of the best and definitely the most popular mail client type that you can find out there, however it’s not the only one. There are just a ton of amazing, impressive services that you can use in this regard, and they will bring you an immense quality. All you need to do in this regard is to, of course, try them out and then see which one suits your needs.


Hushmail is web based and it offers you quite a lot of value, which doubles because it’s free. You don’t have to deal with ads in Hushmail, and you also get 25GB of storage which is a plus. Combine that with the fact that there is an encryption mode and you will indeed love the results.


Zoho is another alternative and this one offers ad-free email hosting without a problem. It has a lot of focus on security which is very important, but at the same time even the free version offers you some very good features. Despite being a paid alternative, it’s a very good one and you should totally give it a shot. is different because it allows you to select from no less than 200 different domains, depending on your industry. Mail storage is unlimited, and they also bring in spam filters, an integrated antivirus, as well as mail collection, calendar integration and support for attachments that have 50 MB. is one of the best alternatives listed here since it offers a ton of cool features as well as unlimited storage and you can also import contacts from Facebook and a wide range of other platforms without a problem. You won’t have to deal with any problems, and you can even access updates from friends.


GMX manages to provide a sleuth of nice features and these include 50 MB attachments, unlimited mail storage and at the same time it also provides you with the ability to access widgets from your homepage without a problem. has a very good interface and it works really great, which makes it quite an interesting alternative to Gmail. It might not be the best out there, but it does offer quite a lot of capabilities if you are looking for such a thing.


Yandex offers storage but at the same time it brings you a free mail address. You can also unlock more storage which is nice. It does include support for multiple languages, even though the original program is destined for Russians.

Yahoo Mail

This is by far the best alternative to Gmail. It looks nice and it’s definitely truly impressive, so you should totally give it a shot. It’s a wonderful application to use and the results will indeed be amazing, that’s a guarantee, just give it a shot right now!

With many alternatives to Gmail, you will be a little over encumbered at first, but do try to give it a shot to these as well, they have many cool features for you to enjoy!

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