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Just because Google Play Store is the best app store for Android, this doesn’t mean that it’s the only one. In fact, you will like the fact that there are many other app stores that you can check out, and in the end it all comes down to you to make the right choice based on your needs.

Amazon Appstore for Android

With a very good interface and tons of apps, you will love what Amazon Appstore for Android has in store for you. On numerous occasions they offer you credits which can be used to purchase apps for free, so nothing is more interesting than this. They also have a free app of the day going on, so you should keep an eye out for this app store. It doesn’t require only an Amazon tablet, it works on any device without a problem.


GetJar is a great repository of free applications suitable for a wide range of platforms, including Android. What you will love here is the fact that applications are added into categories and there are many to choose from, which is really cool. The interface might be basic, but if that’s not bothering you, there’s a lot of stuff and cool features to be had here.

Slide ME

Slide ME offers premium and free apps as well, and all are controlled first in order to ensure the best user experience. They manage to provide a better search since you can add filters, which makes it easier to get exposure, something that many developers like. Around 70% of the apps can be found on the other app stores, but it does provide quite a lot of value and it’s well worth checking out to be honest.


F-Droid offers mostly free and open source applications, but there are categories and the lists are very easy to search here, which is a plus. The apps don’t come with ads, tracking or dependencies, so if you want Android open source apps, then these are the ones you should be looking for right off the bat.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Obviously you need a phone from the manufacturer, but they do come with a wide range of interesting apps as well as their own exclusives. It’s very nicely organized and offers a ton of cool apps, so you should totally give it a shot, it’s one of the best out there and you will like using it for sure.


If you want to search apps that didn’t receive Google Certification, then these are the ones. You will enjoy getting lots of nice apps here, but there are some with certification here too. Of course, there are many categories and more than 40k apps, so there is enough to go through whenever you feel the need for more apps.

So, if you were looking for a good Google Play alternative, all you need to do is to check out these applications and you will love using them.

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