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Viber is one of the leading messaging and calling app in the world. Using this application, everyone can keep in touch with each other for free.

The app allows users to exchange text messages, photos, fun stickers, videos as well as doodles. Also, users can still share their locations, communicate using Push to Talk as well as make free HD-quality voice and video calls.

The app comes with a tool known as Viber Out and using this tool; users can make very affordable calls to non-users of Viber on their mobile phones as well as landlines. The good thing with Viber is that it cares less about the mobile operating system your device is using. Whether it’s android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or even Mac, Linux or Windows OS; Viber will be at hand to offer you the best communication services.

The app only requires that users be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. As of now, there are over 600 million people who use this app on a monthly basis and as time passes by, the developers of the app keep innovating and introducing new features that add more fun to the app, among them Public Chats.

How to use Viber Public Chats for a more exclusive chat experience

Other than connecting friends and family, Viber also allows fans to follow their favorite personalities, brands as well as emerging influencers via the app’s exclusive feature known as Public Chats.

This platform offers consumers a new and unique way of doing things as they can easily engage in pop culture, follow organic conversations as well as expand their connections by following some of the most notable names in sports, music, entertainment, health, photography, film, food, media and many other areas of expertise.

According to Scott Nelson, the man at the helm of Viber North America branch, cultural influencers and many other top brands have been making use of Viber in the recent past to spread good vibes across the globe by engaging with fans on a daily basis, growing their brands, establishing more connections as well as sharing content.

500 different varieties of stickers available on Viber

Other than the unique Public Chats, Viber also adds more flavor to your messaging recipe. The developers of the app keep adding more and more sticker packs and as of now, there are over 500 varieties available for use. With stickers, it becomes very easy to add a unique layer of context and personality when chatting with friends.