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In all of Apple’s revelations about the new iPhone 6S, there is nowhere the company mentions anything to do with the waterproof ability of the phone.

However, there is an unofficial proof that this phone might just have been fixed with a secret waterproof capability.

In short, it means that you don’t have to worry really about getting wet when carrying an iPhone 6S on your body. However, this is not official in any way since Apple has not confirmed anything.

Is iPhone 6S waterproof?

According to Cult of Mac, it seems there is a new test that shows the latest iPhone 6S might just be waterproof. The even better news is that this test was not just done on the iPhone 6S, but it was also done to its brother the iPhone 6S Plus, with the same results being observed in either case.

Cult of Mac reports that a YouTube user Zach Straley completely dipped both iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in a bowl full of water and allowed the two gizmos to rest in the water for an hour while powered up.According to the results of the test, the two phones came out still working in perfect conditions.

There is no doubt that this is not a comprehensive test in any way, thus, don’t make any stupid attempts to submerge your new gizmo in water. However, the good news is that this test eliminates the fear that might have been instilled in some users given that Apple had not mentioned anything to do with waterproof capabilities of this new phone. You will now feel a little safer when near water pools.

Future iPhones to come with waterproof capabilities

Just like with the case of the new iPhone 6S, the Apple Watch has nothing like water resistant capabilities. However, there seems to be good news coming shortly as Cult of Mac continues to report that Cupertino has recently filed a patent associated with a waterproofing technique meant for manufacturing future iPhones. It is only time that can tell whether Apple will eventually implement this technology.

Apple rarely talks about what users should expect in its upcoming devices, which kind of gives the company an advantage of under-promising while at the same time over-delivering. This is exactly what the iPhone 6S is.