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While a part of the smartphone lovers can’t wait for Christmas to come, because many companies choose the cold season to release their products, with the hope that there will be plenty people who will want to buy presents for their loved ones. The biggest manufacturers follow a pattern release schedule, attending the most important tech events where they unveil their new flagships. And the Galaxy S7 and One M10 will most likely be released at the MWC 2016 event, although some rumors say that HTC won’t wait until then.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The glass and metal design of the Galaxy S6 was appreciated, and we would love to see it again on the successor. Some Korean site called Kbench reported that Samsung has been working on a new type of protective glass and already filed a trademark request so, most likely, the Galaxy S7 will be protected with Turtle Glass. According to, the next flagship will be lighter because it will have a magnesium-based alloy, but Samsung hasn’t confirmed this information yet. The problem with the Galaxy S6 is that it’s not dust and water resistant likewise the S5 and lacks a microSD card slot, while the battery is non-removable.

Other rumors say that the curved edge will be the only available option, while others believe that Samsung will continue to bring the standard flat screen and a double-edged variant like the Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge.

The USB Type C will be a mandatory feature, because many new phones are adopting this port. As for the performance of the S7, there are two different opinions – Samsung will either improve its Exynos processors or will come back to Qualcomm, since the
Snapdragon 820 processor will make its appearance at the beginning of the year, being 35 percent faster than the Snapdragon 810. Also, the new processor will come with 3GHz Kyro cores and will be coupled Adreno 530 graphics and LP-DDR4 RAM.

It is said that the Galaxy S7 will support either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, but the first variant is the most probable. The screen will support the same Super AMOLED technology and most likely, it will retain the size of 5.1-inch, but the resolution will be upgraded to 4K or Ultra HD (2160 x 3840pixels). Other manufacturers increased the resolutions of their phones’ cameras, but Samsung preferred to improve the 16MP sensor, adding optical image stabilization and other features. We’re guessing that the Galaxy S7 will support the same resolution.

HTC One M10

The rumors say that the HTC One M10 will have an improved display, which will support a 2K or 4K resolution, but the size will be retained at 5-inch. The One M8 and M9 have an identical design, so we’re expecting some changes on the M10. It is said that the device will be powered by a Qualcomm 82X processor with 3.XGHz octa-core HMP cyclone technology, which will be backed by 4GB of RAM, and will be kept alive by a 3500 mAh battery. The internal memory will be available in two variants of 64GB and 128GB, the primary camera will support 27MP and will come with autofocus and phase detection, and without a doubt, a fingerprint scanner will be present. Other speculations claim that the device will have two stereo speakers, a heart rate sensor and will be resistant to dust and water.

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