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The popular instant messaging app Viber was born in 2010, courtesy of four Israeli tech geeks.

Just like any other messaging application, Viber, which is now owned by a Japanese tech company known as Rakuten, first came in offering users with messaging services alone. However, things have gradually been evolving, and now the app offers more features than what most of its competitors do.

Viber first launched for the iOS niche, and it only offered free text and photo messaging services. However, as the app begun garnering momentum and popularity, the developers saw the need for including more services as well as adding support for more platforms. As of now, the app includes voice and video calling as well as group chatting services, just to mention but a few.

Also, it is no longer an iOS-only app, rather, other mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and PC platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux. In short, it means Viber can be downloaded and installed on a PC, tablet as well as smartphone and use all of them simultaneously.

So, how do you get Viber to work on your PC?

Viber, like many other free messaging and calling apps, was meant for use on mobile phones. However, given that we live in the world where it has grown to become almost impossible to get rid of computers in our day-to-day lives, the developers had to come in with more options.

This free calling app can easily be installed on a PC such that you respond to messages from here as well as make free voice and video calls from this end. In short, all Viber services can be carried out on the PC once the PC version is installed. But do you install the Viber for the PC version? Here’s how:

The first thing you need to do to get Viber working on your PC is to make sure you have it installed on your phone. In essence, this is the most basic requirement; however, you will also need to ensure that your PC is installed with at least Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows 8. Also, make sure that your device has a RAM of at least 1GB to enjoy a seamless calling and messaging experience.

As far as Viber free video calling is concerned, you also need to have speakers, microphone as well as a working webcam; otherwise, you might end up sticking to using your PC version for messaging purposes only. Once all of these are in place, move on to the real installation of the Viber app on your PC.

Download the Viber version that is compatible with your PC operating system from the official website of the messenger. Click on the downloaded file and let the files install on your PC without interrupting the process. Simply sit back and let the app do what its best at. The setup will ask you whether you have installed Viber on your smartphone. Click “Yes” and move on to the next step where you are to choose your country and provide your phone number (the one used for setting up Viber on your phone).

An activation code will be sent to this number via your phone, but rather than come as an SMS like with the case of the first installation of the app on the phone, the code will be sent to your mobile Viber account. Enter this code in the setup and that’s it. You are now good to go with using Viber on your desktop.