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Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played games on mobile devices. Today we’re going to give you top 6 tips, tricks and cheats that you can use on Candy Crush Saga in order to pass levels with ease.

Earning Extra Lives

There is a way to earn extra lives by using a simple cheat. You will just need to turn the clock on your mobile device with 2 hours ahead and after that you will notice that you will instantly receive 4 lives. You will just need to go to your device’s Settings->General->Date & Time->Set Time Off->Set Date and Time and add two hours forward.

After you finish playing Candy Crush Saga, just set back the time and you’re done.

Having A Plan

Each time you start a new level, you should look at the hardest element on that level and think how you can get “rid” of it before you use all your lives. Also, you should pause between moves and see which move is the best one that you can do.

Starting From The Bottom Side

It is good to start from the bottom side of the table. This way, you will be able to create a cascade effect, which will give you free moves and score.

Finding The Patterns

It will take some time until you will see the patterns fast enough. However, after you understand how this game works, you will be able to memorize the patterns and get special candies that will help you to clean the board faster.


There are two best combinations such as the striped candy + wrapped candy or striped candy + sprinkle donut hole. By using these two combinations, you will be able to wipe half the board with just a single move. This is also the only way you will be able to pass levels such as 181, as it has unreachable squares.

Also, by using a wrapped candy along with another wrapped candy, you will clear a 6 by 4 square, and that’s a pretty huge area.

Five Candy

Try to make a candy crush chain of 5 or more candies. Every time you do this in a time trial level, you will add 5 more seconds to the time. You can understand if you are in a “clear the jelly” or a “time trial” level by looking in the lower left corner icon.