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In 2015 and beyond, more than 50 percent of all executives working for advertising and marketing companies will increase their investment in social media, including Facebook.

One way of increasing the investment is improving fan engagement. All business owners dream of a situation where they update their status on Facebook and hordes of fans flock in to comment, share and tag their friends. Unfortunately, this does not always happen as the owners envisage.

What most business owners may fail to understand is that posting about nothing other than their businesses all the time would soon lead to resentment. Radio broadcasts, television, giant billboards keep filling Facebook users with ads regarding numerous brands. To imagine that such individuals would turn to Facebook for the sole purpose of seeing one more advert is a difficult thought to comprehend.

Therefore, finding creative ways of improving fan engagement on Facebook would be an excellent way of ensuring that they do not “Unlike” your page in droves. What strategies should you, therefore, use to boost the level and quality of engagement with your fans on Facebook?

  1. Ask Questions

No better way has been identified of initiating discussion with others on Facebook than through asking and posing questions. If you want people to respond to your posts, ask questions. Feel free to feature any of the following types of questions:

  • Yes or No
  • Specific
  • Edgy
  • Photo
  • True or False
  • Direct
  • Preference
  • Fun
  • Events
  • Experience
  • Humanistic
  • Tips


  1. Timing

If you are to post on Facebook and inspire the right kind of fan engagement, then you must learn to do it at the right time. Proper timing is integral to effective engagement with fans on Facebook. Updating your Facebook wall when everybody is either at work or fast asleep would never produce the desired results. Posting at noon or slightly past 7p.m. would shock you with the positive response your post would generate.

  1. Photos

Text-only posts can never produce the quality of fan engagement you desire to see on Facebook. With texts, it is much easier to lose the meaning of the post to get lost in an avalanche of words. On the other hand, photos rarely fail to pass the correct message. The clarity and conciseness of photos make them ideal for initiating the right quality of fan engagement. The mind has no difficulty understanding or digesting the message behind a photo.

Other ways through which you can initiate engagement with your Facebook fans include the following:

  • Contests
  • Crowdsourcing for answers
  • Call to Action
  • Ads
  • Frequency of posting

Therefore, if you want to see a massive improvement in how you engage with fans on Facebook, follow this guideline. However, it is important to study your fans closely and identify what works best for them. Do not borrow ideas from other brands considering that no two brands have the same types of clients or fans. The secret to engaging with Facebook fans and users effectively lies in investing in content that simplifies interacting with the audience personally.