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At first glance, you’d think iPhone 6S is the same old iPhone 6.

However, a closer look will show you the improved internals as well as innovative technology that Apple has introduced with this flagship, making it a totally different phone.

There is a new Apple A9 processor, an improved 12MP rear iSight camera, 3D Touch and Live Photos; features that make this phone more than just an incremental upgrade of the iPhone. Rather, iPhone 6S is meant to shape how you use this platform. It’s the most exciting iPhone that Apple has come up with in years.


The design of the iPhone has not changed much, but it is not the same. There is a new 7000 series aluminum material for the iPhone 6S, the same material that appears on the Apple Watch Sport. This means Apple is making this phone more durable and robust than before. You will also come across a much tougher Ion-X glass, which is less likely to break. As a result, the iPhone 6S is a little thicker and heavier than the previous model.

Even though there is a rather protruding rear iSight camera that looks pretty ugly, the smooth curves and stylish aluminum finish of this Apple smartphone makes up for any of these blemishes. You will be able to get the iPhone 6S in three different colors, namely Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. There is also news of a new and fourth Rose Gold-colored model appearing for the first time.

As you may have noted, there are not so many design changes on the new iPhone 6S, which kind of retains the pretty appearance of Apple smartphones.


The display of the new iPhone 6S is very much similar to what we have on iPhone 6, but mainly to do with quality and resolution. 3D Touch has changed everything else about the display of the new phone. It’s kind of like a right-click function for your phone. Regardless of what is going on your phone, 3D Touch makes it extremely easy and quicker.

The feature comes in with handy home screen shortcuts for the apps you use frequently, allows previewing of maps, web pages and links without taking you out of your current app. Using 3D Touch technology, users of iPhone have a new way of interacting with games. While this new feature might seem like a gimmick to some, well, it’s not. In fact, once you get used to it, you will wonder how you used to survive without it before.

As of now, there are quite a number of iOS apps that have already been updated with support for 3D Touch, among them Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, and Dropbox. More developers are expected to keep taking advantage of this new technology.

Performance and battery life

The A9 processor is the fastest ever Apple has ever come up with. Apple claims that this new 64-bit chipset is 70% faster than the previous A8 chip and delivers GPU performance that is 90% faster than the previous version.

When this speed is combined with the usually speedy iOS software, the iPhone 6S will give you performances that you’ve never experienced before. There are huge improvements in the multitasking and web browsing sections thanks to the 2GB RAM on this phone.

The unfortunate thing is that the battery life of this phone did not see similar improvements. With normal usage, though, you will still make it through the day. Apple, in fact, reduced the battery unit size of the new phone, but it doesn’t make it any worse than the iPhone 6.


Many will be upgrading to the new iPhone 6S just because of the new 12MP rear iSight snapper. However, to be honest, there are no huge differences when compared to the previous model.

Nevertheless, you will be sure of better and sharper snapshots from the iSight sensor when you zoom in as opposed to what the iPhone 6’s 8MP offered.Also, shooting of videos just got better on the new phone as the new snapper allows capturing of 4K videos.

The major highlight in this photography department is the Live Photos feature. The snapper on iPhone 6S will capture a photo in a unique way – a few seconds before and another few seconds after capturing the still photo. These images then create a short video like asession that plays along your still snapshot. With 3D Touch, you can easily bring your photos into life via the Photos app.

Be warned that Live Photos may take up to two times the total amount of storage space a regular still 12MP snapshot would take, so, it is recommended you disable it and only enable it when you want to use it.Also, this feature is only compatible with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan devices. If sent to any other platform, they will just appear as still photos.

On the front face, you will come across a 5MP snapper, which is an upgrade from last year’s 1.2MP. This is a huge improvement in terms of delivering sharper selfies and video calls and many will for sure relish it.

Much improved Touch ID and iOS 9

Apple has improved the Touch ID sensor in the new iPhone 6S, making it crazy fast. If you are not careful enough to remove your finger from the Touch ID sensor fast enough, you will find yourself with an unlocked phone rather than checking the notifications from your lock screen as initially intended.

This improvement was much needed as the tool now looks more accurate and reliable in readiness of the many apps that have begun embracing the technology.