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The Pixel C is a first-class tablet that will impress you instantly. You can’t help but be blown away by its premium built and not to mention the wireless charging keyboard element. However, even such a first-class tablet has enemies lurking from every corner, we are talking about Apple’s iPad Pro tablet. So who will be crowned the ultimate champion in this heavy weight category? Don’t stop reading and you will find out.

Pixel C versus iPad Pro

Google C has 308ppi in its display and 2560×1800 resolution all added in a 10.2inch screen. Apple’s iPad Pro measures 12.9inches, thus it has only 264ppi and 2732×2048 resolution.

The Pixel C tablet delivers the Nvidia X1 processor with 256cores Maxwell GPU and has 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. This means games are easy to play and streaming on more than one device is as simple as ABC.

Apple has also put everything it got and used an A9 processor and a M9 coprocessor as well. This means the iPad Pro can easily manage any type of laptop type of task you need to perform.

As for the design part, both devices are flawless as they sport that perfect brushed metal coating. The keyboards couldn’t be more perfect as they contain regular size letters just like any other typical keyboard. You can count on the battery to last up to two months and when you magnetically place it on the tablet, your keyboard will charge wirelessly in no time. Also, the Pixel C’s keyboard can stand up straight (no dent whatsoever). But in order to get your hands on this marvelous keyboard, you need to pull out another $150 from your pocket.

The iPad Pro’s keyboard on the other hand comes with a smart case that can be also used as a keyboard. It is made out of a polyurethane material, thus it will ensure the protection of your screen as well. This fun element will cost you $169 more.

Google choose for its tablet, the Android Marshmallow, even if at the beginning Pixel was meant to use Chrome OS while Apple has opted for latest iOS OS even if at the beginning it was also rumored to run on Mac OS. And now for the final factor that will convince you which one is a better buy: the price tag.

Prices for Google Pixel C:

  • The 32GB model Pixel C retails for $500.
  • The 54GB version will cost you $600.

Prices for Apple iPad Pro:

  • The 32GB variant retails for $800.
  • The 128GB variant costs $949.
  • The 128GB SIM version costs $1079.

Final thoughts: Both of these tablets are high-end ones and the differences although minor, do exist. No matter which one you choose, they are both champions and the results will be more than satisfying. You will definitely get your money’s worth.