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Even if Adobe Flash Player is considered passé for some, the latter software offers a steady user experience over various browsers as well as operating systems. Unfortunately, HTML 5 is slowly substituting Adobe Flash Player. Apple repudiated Flash Player right from the very start and it’s no wonder because along the years it suffered from various security issues, major crashes as well as petty performances.

Even so, Flash Player is still installed on more than 700 million desktops and mobile gizmos worldwide. With it, the common individual as well as corporations use it for a deeply engaging experience when it comes to audiovisual content. There are all sorts of filters users can apply. These include: Bevel, Gradient Glow or Gradient Bevel, Displacement Map, Convolution as well as Color Matrix and the list goes on. Due to 8-bit video alpha channels, users can enjoy great media compositions and the text is accurately carried out courtesy of the advanced text engine. With Flash Player, there are various image formats you can recur to such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.

A new update has rolled out and if you decide to install it, you should also know what the improvements are. So, without further ado, have a look-see down below:

  1. Currently when SWF loads, you can spot the Black Screen.
  2. Elements in the user interface as well as video content and texts are showcased at smaller sizes each time users run Internet Explorer.
  3. SWfs cannot be loaded using AS2.0.
  4. Flash Player clashes each time one uses Crossbridge project.
  5. When Shine MP3 encoder library is used on MAC, performance fall-offs have been reported.
  6. Security fixes as well as functional ones have been implemented.

The Flash Player was meant to showcase 2D animation, however along the years it has developed into a useful tool for creating Internet apps and streaming audiovisual content.

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