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Adobe Flash Player might be the best player of online content out there, but obviously it’s not the only one, as there are some great alternatives that you can use. It’s a very good idea to check out the Adobe Flash Player alternatives as they will come in handy and in the end that’s the most important thing for sure.



This software is indeed one of the best Adobe Flash Player out there because it’s an open source flash player but at the same time it also comes in the form of a browser plugin so you can easily check out all the content that was previously available with Adobe’s app. This is a very good application that comes with complete support for all the Flash Player formats, including AVM2 and even virtual machine. The downside for Lightspark is that it runs only on Linux, but it might be coming to other platforms soon, so you should totally keep an eye on it as it’s very good.

Unity Web Player


Suitable for both Mac and Windows, this is a very powerful software. It doesn’t pose any restrictions whatsoever when it comes to using web content, but instead it makes the experience very easy and truly cool for you, that’s a given. No restrictions, and no issues with browser versions are some of the best features, but at the same time Adobe Flash Player does a great job when it comes to playing online games and HD video streaming. If you are a Unity user, then you will also get the power to test the games that you created with the help of some astounding graphics.

GNU Gnash


A free alternative created by GNU and it allows you to perform video streaming and access rich internet media files. It has quite a lot of cool features which is a major plus and, on top of that, Gnash can be used on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux and BSD, not to mention that it provides multiple attributes.


silverlight (1)

Silverlight is created by Microsoft and it’s one of the tools that managed to give a lot of hard time to the Adobe Flash Player. As you would expect, it’s based on the .NET framework and it has compatibility with a wide range of browsers, mobile devices and many operating systems as well. You can also use the latest versions in order to design responsive web as well as mob apps.

These are all great alternatives if you are looking for a great web player and one that offers immense value. The app brings you an extraordinary quality, stunning results and professional outcome, so all you have to do is to access them and give a try, especially if you want to get rid of the security holes that can be encountered in Adobe Flash Player nowadays.