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Most times, people make purchases of mobile devices like tablets, but end up regretting, because it is not all the time that you get the in-depth details you need before you make the purchase like you do.

This is one of the reasons why you need to read different reviews about these devices to make it easier for you to know which tablet is the best to purchase and which one is not.

The features and specifications of tablets differ from one tablet to the other. There are times when brand names are the same. However, this doesn’t mean you will get features to always be the same. Sony and Apple are two giants in the device manufacturing world. The devices they make and other stuff they venture into always hit high levels of success worldwide. This is why reading this review before you decide on which one to buy will always make a difference.

Waterproof Feature and No Waterproof Feature

So, can you use the Z3 for a better experience than what is offered with the iPad Mini? For instance, with the waterproof features that the Z3 has, their uniqueness can be assured when there are mistakes where water encounters are concerned. The Z3 is loud due to its waterproof feature, but the iPad Mini doesn’t boast of such a feature. This waterproof feature is what makes the difference for many people when they decide to purchase these mini tablets. So, if that is what stands out for you, then it is comfortable; however if you want something more then read on for some other features.

Battery Power of these Devices

It is clear that most people consider the batter strength of a device before they even decide to make the decision to purchase them. This is important, because if the tablet you buy is weak there is no way you can enjoy using the device. Sony comes with 4,500 mAh battery and it claims to last for 13 hours when videos are played back to back and for Apple iPad Mini which is 6,471 mAh which delivers 10 hours.

Bottom Line

It is clear that there are some distinct and unique features when you compare both devices. This doesn’t mean you cannot make a decision. Mostly, your budget and the type of tablet you want will help you make the right decision. Nevertheless, do not rush the process. There are times when most people stick to one device due to its brand name. Well, the truth is that both devices work fine and although they have some spec differences, they both offer the best usage features.

So, you can benefit from both devices the same way. Where beauty is concerned however, there will be the need for you to take a closer look at the Apple mini tablet. Yes, it offers a very elegant design that the Z3 cannot compare much with. The Sony Xperia Z3 has something that wins the hearts of people like the fact that it is the lightest, thinnest compact mini tablet in the market today. So, compare all of these vital features and make a decision.