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If you have developed an app with the latest technology, and you have great development talent, but what about the marketing part?

How will you make people aware about your app? These are the questions you will face while launching an app in the market. Promoting an app is a must in today’s age as the competition between apps is growing by leaps and bounds.

Below are four tips mentioned that will boost the awareness among people about your app and increase substantial following. The increase in the number of followers paves the path of success of your app.

Let’s have a look at them.

  • Create a website

Just because you are creating an app for Smartphones, does not mean you don’t need a website. When users download your app from the app store, they will try to get information about the app from the web and therefore, you need a website for your app that delivers the exact information about it.

If you want, you can create a blog page on your website where you can upload fresh content about the app, status of development as well as user reviews that compel potential users to come back to your website to get more news.

Creating your website is truly essential in today’s competitive market. There you will get more flexibility and ad space than in the app store, and therefore, the website is one of the key ways to promote your app.

  • Attract user attention

People love the new, interesting and free stuff. Creating teasers or giveaway will help you to gather information about potential users, such as their email addresses. However, to get the attention of customers, you need to make something that pull people in. Once you do this, you will not only be able to get their emails but get word-of-mouth publicity from the users that will involve others with the app.

  • Take the help of press

You should carefully select a launch date of your app and arrange a press conference for it. To do this, you need to contact with news outlets, publication house, and blogs all related to your app. Once you do, sell your pitch for every outlet. Understand the requirements of the customers and give your pitch or information on something that people want to know about.

You can hire writers who will write about your app as soon as it is launched. Take the help of media outlets who take the pride of being the one that supplies the breaking news. Use that power when you feel that this press coverage will benefit your app.

  • Generate Feedback

As soon as you launch your app, your actual work has just begun. Influence the happy customers to give their reviews on the app. The more good reviews your app has, the more privilege your app will get in the app store.

On the hand, if you get mixed reviews from users, you can fix the issues of your app so that it can fulfill the needs of customers.

  • Promote your app on social media

More the buzz created about your app, more is the visibility of it will get on the internet. Take the help of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and post news about your app. You can use add forums to describe the features and functioning of your app.

Therefore, if you want your app get noticed in the crowd of the app store, you need to market it in a proper way so that the app reaches out to its target customers. With these, marketing mentioned above methods, you can create awareness about your app and grab people’s attention.