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It is true that both devices are amazing; however, there have been some complaints about these devices and the fact that there are no major differences between them and their predecessors from other or previous brands which are the Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S4.

In the case of Sony, this truth is very clear; because the Z2 was released just 6 months before the Z3 was released and in the case of Samsung has been accused for these quick new releases for many years. Maybe, this might just be the sign of expectations that aren’t realistic. Although both devices are simply amazing and the best, however, which one stands out to be better?

Quality Built and Design

The Z3 and S5 have made little changes to the already familiar design the world has been used to for many years and versions. Z3 comes designed with a brushed aluminum frame and plastic bumper to make sure it is able to absorb shock easily on all four corners. However, when all things are taken into consideration, it is almost similar to the Xperia look that has been released by the brand for many years. For the Galaxy S5 might come with tweaked corners and updated rubber plastic texture at the back, but the truth is that there is no difference from other Samsung devices.

Some critics have used this as their basis to say negative stuff about these devices. The truth however is that, they are clear so it depends on the buyer and no one else to make the decision. The S5 comes with a heart rate monitor and also a dual-LED flash at the back under the slightly elevated camera lens. The speaker can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the device which is normal. The Z3 however, comes with stereo speakers that are front mounted as well as a single LED at the back.

USB Support Systems of Both

Both these devices however support microSD extension. For instance, the Galaxy S5 comes with the removable battery cover and the Z3 comes with a waterproof flap. Both devices have a waterproof flap designed over their microUSB charging ports and they also have headphone ports that are uncovered at the top. However, the S5 has an IR blaster while the Z3 doesn’t have it. Both devices are designed uniquely, but the Z3 looks better than the S5 which is a plus for the Z3.

Bottom Line

The Sony Xperia Z3 and Galaxy S5 have shown the world how unique they are. Although they come with some minor features that are new, they are almost the same as predecessors. This is one of the reasons why most followers of these brands have decided to wait for newer versions of their devices. Before a new version of any mobile device is launched or released, customers or users always have their very own expectations which are quite wild. If you are one of such users, then you might be disappointed with these devices. However, it doesn’t matter anyways.