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Next to the Sony Xperia Z3, the brand has presented recently its new small difference on its current flagship which is the Xperia Z3 Compact.

The Z3 Compact is not like the normal Android smartphones, because it comes designed with the very same internal specs as the complete flagship. How the Z3 Compact can be called a flagship is something it has a right to.

There are many good things about this device. However, there are some bad things too. So, you will need to read more to find out. Some of the good stuff about this compact device includes its display, design and hardware. Some of the bad things, however, include the fact that some people have had camera issues and also it has no IR blaster.

Design and Quality of the Z3 Compact

The Z3 Compact forms part of the family of Sony’s perfect OmniBalance design language. Even though this time the design comes with a few twists which include the metallic look on their edges that have frosted glass instead and this gives the users a better grip than the smooth slippery plastic that the Z1 Compact comes with, which looks better. The release date of the Z3 Compact is in the middle of October; however, without carrier branding, as well as in the middle of August, in the United Kingdom.

With this device, Sony had the edges of the device rounded and designed to be more beautiful with bumpers on all corners of the phone. The speakers of the device have been designed to shift to the bottom edge with its normal silver power buttons, magnetic dock connectors, volume rockers, physical camera shutter buttons, water tight plastic flaps over its microSD, nano-SIM card and micro USB slots.

When it is flipped over these slots are shown. The edges of the device are amazing, because the plastic used to make it is see-through. Also, there is an elegant convex/concave thing going on as well where all its edges are inwardly curved even as they are outwardly curved. To add to it, the façade and back of the device are in form of slabs of glass.

Look of the Z3 Compact Device

Apart from the details above, the device is lighter and smaller than the Xperia Z3. However, it is also quite thicker, so it doesn’t look as beautiful and slim as the Z3. The size of the Z3 compact is however the same as the Z1 Compact.

Bottom Line

Before you decide to buy this device in the long run, there will be the need for you to be more cautious and know more about them. This is the only way you can buy them with all joy. Being happy with the mobile device you purchase is considered the most important factor for every individual. This is because no one will waste his or her money to purchase something that is not worth it. So, as you read, obtain the right details to help you make the right choice. You will need to use the phone in person to know how amazing it is or how perfect it works.

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