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Are you on Facebook? Well, the answer is probably yes.

There are over 1.54 billion people who use Facebook actively, according to the recent reports. In addition, Facebook recently revealed that it connects up to 1 billion people in a single day.

Connecting one billion people at a time is no joke. In fact, it remains to be a huge doubt whether any other service will ever clock that milestone. Nonetheless, it just shows you how much dependent people are on Facebook.

None can deny that Facebook is huge. Initially, people could only access the services of this application via the official website using a web browser. The good thing here was that unlike most communication platforms, there were no restrictions as to which device could be used to access the service, as long as there was a suitable internet connection.

However, the increased demand for mobile devices, especially smartphones led to something else being born. Mobile apps have come in to take over from PC apps and for sure, they are doing an amazing job. Facebook built a mobile app a few years ago and using this application, the millions who had already joined the platform now had a chance to use it on the go without going through the web browsers.

This app has been downloaded more than a billion times in the Google Play Store alone. However, it is also compatible with other platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, among others. With this app, it means that Facebook users no longer have to worry about connecting with each other when travelling, at home or even when in the shower.

This week, something strange happened with the Facebook app and the official website. Facebook users were unable to access the services of the application, be it on their mobile apps or via the website. While there are some who reported that this problem only happened for a few minutes, there are those who were affected for the entire Thursday morning, making the site slow and buggy in performance.

Users blame Facebook glitch on the new 360 video feature

Facebook rolled out a new feature this week, a feature that enables the platform to join the likes of YouTube in the 360 video-viewing arena. A new 360 video feature was rolled out and according to reports; users blame this recent rollout for bringing Facebook down.

As usual, the internet took center stage in handling this matter and nothing strayed from the usual approach it takes – terrible and numerous mockeries. The hashtag #Facebookdown has been trending all over the internet with an aim of airing out the issue; however, the good news is that the glitch is no more.