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Every day, more than 100 million users log in to use Twitter for various reasons.

By July 2015, there were more than 316 million users who were active on Twitter every month. The social media platform boasts of more than 1 billion registered users. With such impressive numbers, it is no wonder that more businesses realize the impact that Twitter can have on their websites. Twitter can prove helpful in terms of increasing more traffic to any website.

Therefore, what should you do to benefit from increased traffic to your website using Twitter?

  • Embracing the Visual

Twitter encourages users to post tweets using no more than 140 characters only. Therefore, this has made many users believe that Twitter is pro-texts only. However, visual content is among the latest features that Twitter has introduced. Learn to accompany your textual content with some images or visuals. Attach photos to any fresh content that you intend to tweet. Ensure that all photos are in the following formats:

  1. PNG
  2. JPEG
  3. GIF


  • Teasers

Teasing the followers is one of the most effective ways of obtaining increased traffic to your website through Twitter. A tweet should not contain too much information to a point that users do not see the importance of opening the link that you attached. Frame the tweets in such a manner that they not only highlight the benefit of the content to the user but also generate curiosity thus forcing the reader to click the link for more. A good example is asking questions.

  • Repetition

It is considered the bad practice to post the same message repeatedly on the same social media platform. However, doing this periodically would be good, especially if there is a chance that some of your regular followers missed what you posted initially. If you want to do this without annoying your followers or causing a backlash, consider altering the text as well as the images featured on the earlier tweets.

  • Focus on the Bio

Most people would follow you (or choose not to) based on the content they come across on the bio. Find creative ways of making the bio more interesting. For example, featuring a specific call to action on the bio would arouse curiosity among the followers you wish to draw to your website. Instead of filling the bio with details regarding your life, use it to market one of your most popular and recent content on the website.

  • Submissiveness

A bit of submission on Twitter will not harm your brand. Submissiveness in this regard refers to allowing the followers to tell you what they want you to do. Carry polls on Twitter are asking your followers to list some of their most pressing issues. Show interest in some of the challenges that your followers go through in life. Use this strategy to build a higher and deeper level of trust as well as familiarity with your audience.

These are just but a few of the strategies that you can employ on Twitter and see a massive increase in traffic to your website. Twitter is not your website. It is merely a tool that you can use effectively to build your brand. Learn to incorporate hashtags that are crucial to your brand or industry in which your business operates if you want the tweets to inspire the appropriate level and amount of engagement with followers, who are customers.