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Finally after two long years of waiting, Google will roll out a brand new Chromecast and a Chromecast Audio. Keep reading to find out more about their features and costs.

Chromecast 2 & Chromecast Audio

A Chromecast gizmo simply requires a HDMI port in which you plug this gadget and a USB port as well. This new improved Chromecast sports a ring-shaped design and because the HDMI cable is built-in, it makes it easy to carry it with you and use it on any TV. Because it lacks an interface, Chromecast 2 works through an updated Chromecast application (it can be downloaded to your handset/tablet).

Chromecast Audio retails for £30 and it is used strictly for audio as the name suggests. Instead of plugging it in a TV, you plug it in a speaker. And this is done via an AUX cord. So, when you use Chromecast Audio you must plug it into the power source, connect it to a Wi-Fi network and that’s it, you can begin casting.

As far as the improvements that will roll out once the Chromecast 2 is out and about, there are significant changes users should appreciate. For instance, the new and sleek design that can be found in 3 shades: coral, black and a yellow lemonade hue. The built-in HDM cable is also a big plus as well as support for top-notch audiovisual content. And we have to welcome the improved software, the revamped Chromecast app. It’s just a matter of weeks before the latter reaches iOS and Android.

The fast play functionality is also on board, a useful element that can also foresee what you might like to see next and will load up the previous TV show that you are following.

The gaming experience has also changed with the roll out of the Chromecast 2. You can now let the smartphone do all the “heavy lifting” as it fires-up the TV screen and it’s own screen. And wait for it: if the mobile device acts as your gaming controller, multiplayer games will become a reality with Chromecast.

Both of these gizmos retail for £30, so if you are eager to get your hands on them, Google Store is at your disposal.