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Each month, Facebook boasts of more than 1.23 billion active users.

The number of mobile users has grown to 945 million around the world. Every day, Facebook sees more than 57 million people using it from different devices. All users spend more than 640 million minutes on Facebook each month. With such staggering numbers, it is no wonder that more businesses as well as individuals are considering the idea of opening a Fan Page on Facebook.

Currently, Facebook has more than 54.2 million Fan Pages. Adding yours to the list will not work against you. If anything, you should consider opening a Facebook Fan Page for the following reasons:

  • Exposure to Unlimited Number of Fans

The main benefit of opening a Facebook Fan Page is that it allows you to add as many friends or fans as you like. With personal pages, Facebook limits you to only 5,000 friends or fans. Adding more fans to the fan page does not require much work on your part. You could add fans while in your sleep. Allow fans to “Like” the page and they will be able to contribute and interact with you as well as with other fans.

  • Building an Interactive Community

The Facebook Fan Page provides you with an opportunity to build a community that can interact on an ongoing basis. The fans can interact with each other. You can also interact with the fans as regularly as you want. Use the interactive community to obtain feedback from the fans every day. Go through the fans’ comments to gauge their thoughts regarding your brand. Use the Fan Page to provide fans real-time updates on special offers as well as new products and changes.

  • Increased Connectivity

Facebook Fan Page allows you to link or increase your network without much work or massive financial resources. You can make use of the Fan Page to direct the fans to your blog or website where they will find more information. Periodically, allow fans to make purchases directly from the Fan Page, although this will not do much help to your goal of seeing an increase in traffic to the website.

  • Free

You pay nothing to open a Facebook Fan Page. In fact, there are no limits regarding the number of fan pages that you can open on this social media platform. Paying nothing for something that could propel your business to the next level with a bit of creativity is uncommon in the business world. If you are to enjoy the full benefits of the Fan Page, it is imperative that you visit it severally every day and ensure that it is up-to-date with all the relevant information.

As shown here, you need the Facebook Fan Page for your brand to grow to the next level. The fact that it costs nothing to open the page should appeal to you, especially when operating under a tight budget. You can post ads on the Fan Page, but at a fee, thus increasing brand visibility. You can also pay for the promotion of the business page and enjoy fast-tracked exposure. Use the Facebook Fan Page creatively and your business will benefit tremendously.