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The fact that WhatsApp has over 900 million users has made it vulnerable as well as a target for many malicious hackers out there.

Just recently, it was discovered that the messaging app had an issue with vCard messages, but the issue was affecting the users of WhatsApp Web, the app’s PC client. The good news is that the bug was immediately dealt with effectively by the company via an update of the web client.

Even before the news about the WhatsApp Web bug cools down, there is news of another issue that has been discovered by the Better Business Bureau. According to the establishment, there is a scam that is targeting users of this popular app. The Bureau warns that users should be vigilant of any emails that come through the messaging platform, which are nothing but scams designed to infect devices with malware that can eventually result in personal, financial as well as technological issues.

How the new WhatsApp scam works

As the BBB reports, the new scam has been disguised as an email, and it comes from another account pausing as WhatsApp. The message features the subject line “Incoming Voice Message” in addition to a timestamp.

The recipient only needs to open the message and in so doing, a prompt to listen to a missed voicemail will pop up. This is where the magic starts happening. The opening of this voicemail message will trigger the download of the embedded malware, which then starts spreading into your phone. This scam can affect anyone since the message come as though they are originating from WhatsApp, which makes it easy to fall into the trap. WhatsApp has warned that it does not conduct such communications unless it is in response to a request from a customer.

WhatsApp scam risks your personal information

WhatsApp transmits over 60 billion messages a day. These messages include texts, videos, photos as well as voice notes. The messages are stored on phones and these phones; we also store other pieces of personal information. When an outside party has unauthorized access to your phone, it leaves your personally stored data at risk of being exploited.

It is possible to find your personal health, banking, and other information in the wrong hands and who knows what they can do with it. These scams have grown massively in the recent past, and it is time users starting being watchful about their WhatsApp accounts as far as authorized activity is concerned.

WhatsApp is free to download, install and use, which further puts more users at risk. As of now, WhatsApp has not revealed any plans for dealing with such scammers, but on the users’ end, stay vigilant with the companies you interact with and whenever you see anything that appears to be out of the room, send a red flag.

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