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Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets that advertisers purchase with the aim of reaching a much larger group of users.

Advertisers also purchase such tweets with the goal of attracting the interest and engagement of their current followers. The advertiser has to pay for the display of promoted tweets on Twitter. All such tweets are labeled Promoted. How can brands use promoted tweets to boost brand visibility?

  • By promoting Great Content

The phrase that content is king holds true where using promoted tweets for boosting brand visibility is concerned. The promoted content must be not only engaging but also interesting. In this regard, informative and inspiring content should feature in promoted tweets, rather than sales-like content. If you have more to say than the 140-characters that Twitter allows, do not forget to put a link to the promoted content or tweets.

  • Keep Watching

You cannot put up promoted tweets and not find the time to check on them regularly. Keep watching and monitoring the progress of the promoted tweets. Twitter has a number of campaign tools that you can use to monitor the progress of these tweets. A marketer who sets up the promoted tweet and abandons it would not be worth the salt. Ensure that the promoted tweets continue attracting more clicks and traffic. Where appropriate, run A/B tests periodically.

  • Six Promoted Tweets

A single promoted tweet can only get you thus far. If you desire to experience a much long-term experience and benefits of such tweets, use a rotation of six promoted tweets. All the six tweets should have a single goal – of landing on one specific page. With six tweets, tweaking them to pass the same message countless times will be much easier. After all, there is only so much that you can do to tweak a single promoted tweet.

  • Owning the Hashtag

With Promoted Tweets, you can introduce new hashtags for events, fresh marketing campaign or in promoting a new product. Never forget to introduce the new hashtag to your multitude of followers. Keep using the new hashtag every time you use the Promoted Tweet. Keep the content fresh, interesting, creative and engaging at all times if you want other people to share it together with the new hashtag, thus increasing awareness and visibility.

  • Improve Knowledge

A proper understanding of how Twitter works and all the basic features of this dominant social media platform would help you increase brand visibility. Before you begin using or paying for Promoted Tweets, use Twitter normally for a period. Learn the etiquette of the Twitter world. Study the kind of content that your followers love seeing posted, “favorite” or “retweeting.” For Promoted Tweets to be effective, learn to post them at the right time and with the right message.

Lastly, you can also spend enough time thinking and researching about Promoted Tweets before using it. Any topic that you want to feature in the Promoted Tweets requires plenty of research. While trending topics can attract the kind of traction that your business needs for increased visibility, be careful with such. Promoted Tweets provide you with the chance to participate in the Twitter conversation and provoke deeper engagements between your brand and followers.