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Now, the Galaxy Note 5 has been announced to hit the market soon.

A lot of people are feeling quite great and confident about owning this device already. The truth is that, most of what most users want to see has already been seen. There is no doubt that Samsung will come with some brand new surprises for all users. However, due to some leaks these surprises are already out there. This article will highlight some of the unique reasons why buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be a good purchase for you this year.

Android M Release

It is true that the Note 5 device will not be launched with the Android M released, which is said to be launched in mid October. However, the Note 5 will be one of the first devices to have this update. With the annual method of Google for major updates where Android is concerned, the Note 5 will be the very first to have the Android M and also for Android N release in the following year.

Camera Features of the Device

Samsung has for many times proven to bring the best where hardware of its devices is concerned, especially where the best camera features are concerned. The Galaxy S6 took over the iPhone in the beginning of the year and there is no doubt that the Note 5 will add to this again.

Although it is not clear if there will be brand new features for camera with this device, it is certain that it will come with an Optimal Image Stabilization for camera and some strong preset modes as well as video abilities. With the Note 5 Smartphone imaging will enter another level and based on previous experience, the device is certainly one to take the world there.

Security of the Note 5

With the security scare of Stagefright, Samsung really did a good job and fixed the problem for its other devices alongside the assurance that its older models will be fixed as the time goes.

Samsung was also the very first brand or company to announce updates for its security changes every month for all its devices, to make sure this security breakdown type or kind is fixed easily and quickly in the future. This doesn’t mean that the brand will provide updates for the software on time for Android versions in a whole, but it is a very good step.

Strong Specifications with the Note 5

The Note 5, as per the leaked information will come with its very own Exynos 7420 Central Processing Unit – which is the same processor made use of in the S6 and S6 Edge. Most followers of the brand are hoping for Exynos 7422, but for now the 7420 can be appreciated since its capabilities are clear. Taking into consideration the many issues the Snapdragon 810 has caused, it is good to know that Samsung is sticking with a strong chip. Also, it will come with 4 GB of RAM.