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If you’re not sure yet what Cydia is, then we’ll tell you that it’s an alternative to Apple’s iTunes application store, which can be installed on an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This “unofficial” store comes with many applications, games and tools that you can download and install on your iDevice fast and easy. In addition, most of the paid applications and games that are found on the Apple iTunes can be found for free on Cydia.

After Apple has released the iOS 8.4.1, they’ve started working on the iOS 9, which comes with vulnerability fixes, which prevent the hackers’ teams to jailbreak it. Currently, TaiG and PanGu teams are working on jailbreak the iOS 9 or iOS 9.0.1.

However, it is good to know that you can still install Cydia on your iDevice without having to jailbreak your iOS anymore. With other words, you will be able to use the official iOS 9 version, and also, be able to install Cydia and use all the games/applications that you find on it.

Open Safari browser app on your iPhone and navigate to and you will need a new window will appear asking you to press install in order to download the application. So, go ahead and press install and a new pop-up will appear, saying that you need to open the page in the App Store. Just tap on the open button and on iTunes you will notice an application named Gett. This application is actually Cydia, but it has been renamed so that the developers will see it as the official Gett (taxi) application. However, after downloading and installing the Gett application, you will need to use the application for a few minutes and after that you will need to go to the device’s Settings->TouchID and Passcode and turn off the TouchID and Passcode options.

Finally, restart your iDevice and you will notice that the Cydia icon will appear on your iPhone.  Now, just open Cydia and start download and installing the games and applications you want.