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It is difficult to believe that the tablet market has blown up so fast since the first iPad was launched five years ago.

After all, tablets, smartphones and laptops fulfill the same purpose and needs. Their features also don’t vary, except the screen size. The screen size of the tablets and smartphones vary from each other.

Over the last five years, there has not been any rapid development noticed in the tablet segment in comparison to laptops and smartphones. For the users, a tablet is always an extra thing to buy and carry. Perhaps, you don’t need a tablet, but it is not something that you don’t want. If you are interested in buying a tablet, you must make up your mind whether you need an iPad or an Android tablet. Do you consider a tablet that offers thousands of apps? Do you need a sleek design tablet that you can hold with one hand? You need to consider all these things:

If you are confused which tablet to choose, here in this article, we will show you five best tablets of 2015. Since we review new tablets from time to time, we will update the list periodically.

  1. Apple iPad air: The Apple iPad air looks lighter, slimmer and faster than any other model. This is the best tablet for most people. The function of this iPad is similar to full-fledged computers, which looks really thin and sleek. Moreover, like every tablet, Apple’s iPad is striving to get that magic look. The iPad air is not radically different from iPad. Like other iPads, it does not notice the gestures or read your fingerprints. The sleek and slim look of this has come up with many attractive features that provide immense benefits to the users. The iPad is not magical but it has been paired up with a large number of third party devices available for the iOS devices and like its predecessors, it has also come up with large screen tablets.
  2. Asus Transformer Book T 100 TA: The Asus notebook is a fully functional notebook which operates on Windows 8.1 PC and acts both as a tablet and clamshell notebook. In both the forms, this app performs extremely well. It is the first ever hybrid tablet that ignores the limitations of Windows operating systems while it is offered at the same price. Therefore, if you want to replace your notebook that you purchased in 2011 with a long lasting and fast operating system, then Asus Transformer book T 100 is what you craved for. It has owned the title of the entry level hybrid tablet.
  3. Samsung galaxy Tab S: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the best tablet in the market now for its large screen, shimmering Amoled panel that makes videos, photos and games look extremely glorious. This small tablet comes with hundreds of features which cater nicely to your requirements. Besides this, the Tab’s expandable memory as well as multimedia dexterity makes it ideal for media playback and casual browsing. These small tablets are more popular for such features only.
  4. Apple iPad mini 2: the Apple iPad mini 2 is the shrunken version of original iPad air. With its extensive features and low price, it is the first inexpensive tab in the world of iOS devices. Some marketers consider it as the Apple’s low cost laptop. There are many other small tablets available in the market; still, Apple iPad mini sets itself apart from others for its sleek look and better screen resolution. This iPad mini 2 is the perfect balance of power and price.
  5. Samsung galaxy Tab S: The Samsung galaxy tab S evolved the S5 equation in its operating system. The tab looks well-designed, slim as well as beautiful. It is one of the best Android tablets in the market and has given a tough competition to Apple’s iPads.

These are the five best tablets of 2015 that are not only well designed but also feature high end functionalities you have ever seen in any other laptop.