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Apple’s iPad was not the first tablet in the market.

Tech firms have been working on tablets for years and finally it made a successful attempt by the year 2000 with the launch of Microsoft Tablet PC. The Tablet PCs are popular even now, partly because of its design and partly because of its high end technology. However, there exist some issues as well, such as poor battery life and various hardware issues. Therefore, app developers were constantly working on fixing these issues so that the users get the best out of it.

What is iPad? What are its uses?

There are many developers who believe that the iPad has been designed for disaster. In the beginning, people used to say that Steve Jobs has made an expensive mistake. People considered iPad as a big phone when they first saw the device.

The design of the iPad has been made in such a way that it looked like an e-book reader, small laptop, web browser or a TV. However, above all these things, this device has been developed to outflank Android, which started to make big profits with Smartphones. While Google was in the process of grabbing a major share in the market, Apple wanted to do something really different so that the iPhone users became converted to iPad owners. They believed in the concept that why sell one product with microscopic margin when you could sell two.

Why the performance of Android is awful?

It did not take much time to launch their first Android tablets, but they were all doomed to failure. The Android developers believed that the tablets are just another big form of phones and therefore, they took the phone operating system and placed it into a big device and wondered why people were not buying the product.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy tab in Berlin in 2010 was the first original Android tablet in the market that grabbed the attention of the customers. However, the device also lacked functionalities such as the operating system has not been specifically developed for tablets and therefore, it failed to smoothly operate the smartphone apps on big screens. The Google app store lacked dedicated Android tablet apps.

The next version of Android, Gingerbird was able to make some difference as it was the third major operating system specifically developed for the Android platform and both software and hardware have been dramatically improved. However, Apple was not threatened with the launch of the third Android OS, it was in the process of developing its iPad with more advanced and improved features that should be tablet specific.

The race between Android and iOS has ultimately turned out to be what actually matters to the most of the tablet customers— whether they are getting the right apps on their device or not. On the basis of a survey of, out of 200 tablets, 144 Apple iPads were completely tablet optimized and only 99 android tablets include social features such as Dropbox, Facebook, Kik, Spotify etc.

What is the present status of Android tablets?

In 2014 and 15, the Android tablets have progressed good, but not great. The Huffington post declared the first Android tablet, Sont Xperia Z2 to be featuring excellent hardware and OS features, but lack tablet specific apps. However, a lot has changed over the years and we have observed a major progress in the Android tablets, such as lollipop OS, material design, battery technology and high resolution display.

Apple still holds the predominant position in the tablet market, but the difference is getting smaller every now and then because Samsung is coming up with the excellent Galaxy tab S and therefore the Android tablets now don’t feel lesser than the iPads or any other devices.