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Apple launched its biggest tablet ever created, the iPad Pro, which comes with a 12-inch screen, an Apple pencil and a Smart keyboard (these two are sold separately). The new tablet claims to be faster than 80 percent of the laptops from the market. But Microsoft will prove once again that it’s capable to create a tablet that can offer the performance of a Full PC. The Surface Pro 4 is rumored to be released this fall, but Microsoft hasn’t given any information about its specs. What we’re expecting is a tablet that will target the professional market which will beat the new iPad.

The Surface Pro 4 will run on Windows 10, while the iPad Pro came with iOS 9. Why is Windows 10 more attractive? Well, it’s a full desktop OK and supports desktop applications including AutoCAD, Lightroom or Photoshop, while iOS is a mobile OS and supports only applications that have been created by the developers exclusively for this platform. Most of the businesses are using Microsoft’s infrastructure, preferring to buy a Surface Pro tablet that runs on a more popular OS, instead of an iPad.

The Surface Pro tablets have a higher number of ports. For example, the Surface Pro 3 came with a USB 3.0 port, a microSD slot and a Mini Display port, allowing the users to expand the storage capacity and to connect the device to up to 3 external monitors. The iPad Pro has only a lightning connector port, while the internal memory is fixed.

The Microsoft tablets support universal applications, which have been created by various developers, and these applications can be installed on any other tablet that runs on Windows 10. Unfortunately, the iPad Pro is limited to the applications that run only on iOS.

Currently, the 64GB variant of the Surface Pro 3 costs $699, while the basic variant of the iPad Pro is $100 more expensive. Also, the Surface Pro 3 has the stylus included in the box, while on Apple’s pen you’ll need to pay $100. In addition, the Microsoft Type Cover is cheaper at $130, compared to $170 – which is the price of the Apple keyboard. Most likely, the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will have the pen included in the box and the keyboard will be also cheaper.

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