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Samsung seems to be taking the Apple course in almost every aspect of their handsets.

While many have in the past claimed that Samsung copied the design and build of iPhones in their latest releases, it can also be argued that Samsung is simply changing the tastes of consumers.

Just recently, Apple revealed that it will be rolling out a leasing program for the new iPhone 6S models, an aspect that Samsung is rumored to be prepping for their Galaxy S6 flagship. CNET reports that the program will be initiated to U.S. customers in a bid to outshine the huge demand for iPhones in the country. However, it is unknown whether Samsung will succeed in its latest quest to borrow another page from the Apple smartphone playbook.

Samsung and Apple rivalry takes a different shape

There is no doubt that the two companies, Apple, and Samsung, are close competitors, especially in the mobile industry. However, this new rivalry might just be considered a little too far. Nevertheless, Samsung might gain a lot from such a move given that its impressive Galaxy S6 has seen lots of positive reviews come its way, especially for its look-alike appearance with the iPhone.

According to an industry executive with vast knowledge of Samsung’s plans, the new leasing program for Samsung Galaxy S6 will kick-off in the coming weeks, or even sooner. However, none of this has been confirmed by the South Korean tech giant.

A few weeks ago, Apple announced that any owner of iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S who wished to upgrade to iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus could do it without the need of agreeing to a carrier contract. However, it has been reported that some U.S. carriers such as Sprint have already joined the move by Apple and are also offering upgrade plans for the new iPhones for as low as $5 per month.

Apple iPhone upgrades program to roll out every year

Apple usually offers its customers a two-year contract when purchasing new iPhones. However, it is the first time that the company is offering an upgrade program and according to Cupertino, this program will come in every year a new device is released.

Most large wireless carriers such as T-Mobile have already dropped the contract agreements they shared with customers with respect to buying new devices. It means that customers must now pay fully for a device rather than a two-year contract. However, it will come as good news for many smartphone owners as leasing programs backed by smartphone makers seem more ideal.

Leasing programs are however still available on AT&T and Sprint, in addition to two-year contracts for premium devices.