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Privacy is such an important issue to any person who spends a considerable amount of time online.

If your work involves spending some time on the Internet, privacy becomes a more important issue. Unfortunately, many hackers, spammers and scammers rarely leave you alone to enjoy the much-desired privacy.

The good news is that you can be invisible while online, thus escape the attention and attacks of hackers or scammers. Therefore, how do you remain invisible from hackers?

1. Using Web Browsing Proxy Services

With such anonymous tools, you can visit any website and not worry about the exposure of your actual IP address. Some advertisers are the forces behind a few of the hacking gimmicks. Hackers will use the IP address to launch attacks against you. Stalkers will use the IP address to locate you.

2. Opting Out of Everything

With Google as well as other similar search engines, you can delete your personal information such as phone numbers as well as physical address. With such tools, you have the right to determine whether you are ready to see your house becoming available to the entire public. This way, criminals would never be able to locate or target your house.

3. Opening a Throwaway Email

It is fine to open an official email that you use for all formal correspondences or communication. On the other hand, handing this email address to everybody who asks you for it would never be a good decision. For all unofficial communication, you should open and distribute a throwaway email address. Use this email for online purchases and site registrations.

4. Checking and Updating Facebook Privacy Settings

Keep checking and updating the privacy settings on your Facebook account. Facebook keeps updating its privacy settings and might just include a new feature that helps make your account impossible to crack or hack. By updating the privacy settings, you will succeed in putting a limit on the kind of information to which the public can access.

5. Turning the Stealth Mode of Your Router on

Whether you have installed a wireless network or home wired network, you should turn the Stealth Mode feature on, thus making all computers within your property invisible to hackers. The stealth mode plays a crucial role in ensuring that your router never has to respond to pings from the port scanning tools that hackers use.

6. Using Commercial VPN Services

These services can create encrypted tunnels with which it would be impossible for hackers to eavesdrop on your online activities or trace your online footprint. Moreover, the services guarantee the masking of your actual IP address behind specific gateways. The services provide any hacker with the IP address that the VPN providers reveal instead of the actual one.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to remain anonymous online from hackers, it is now possible to browse without worrying about issues such as privacy or lack thereof. If you want to protect somebody or something, follow the tips above and remain anonymous while browsing across multiple websites without hackers being able to locate and target you.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your browsing history away from the prying eyes of the government within a restrictive environment. If you work for a company that does not pay well or have favorable terms, consider following these tips to visit other employers and submit your applications without worrying about being discovered.

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