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New Embellishments

Latest reports show that Facebook Messenger is now a very popular application in America. The app was probably introduced in answer to the growing demand for messaging applications. In their latest updates, the application also includes video calling and sharing of instant videos, along with payments from peer to peer. Also, there is M, a personal assistant.

No Facebook Account

Facebook obviously wants more and more people to use the app, so now you can download the application even if you don’t have a Facebook account. You can sign up for the Facebook Messenger application only by providing your phone number. The app creates a list of friends based on contacts on your phone. Of course, Facebook would surely prefer you to become a Facebook member and then download the application through your FB account, but you can still download it without using the FB service. This lets you stay in touch with people through the app, regardless of whether your contacts are on FB or not.

No Automatic Tracking of Location

A change made to the app is that it will no longer automatically track your location or share it within the Messenger. If you wish to share your location with someone, you have to go through the necessary steps. Thus, sending your location has now become optional. To share your location, you have to tap on the More found at the bottom of the chat window and opt for Location. You can share the map of your location or even the exact place, such as a restaurant, a theatre, so on, and then hit Send. Also, the app does not receive any details of your location unless you enable the service on the phone for the application. It does not ask for permissions and nor does it collection location data from the background.

Those who are not interested in sharing their location can disable the tracking in iOS Messenger as well, though the default in the Settings tab is ‘off’. Also, you can view the chat threads to check whether the location tracking has been turned off. Previously, the application used to attach location information to a default feature within the messages.

Benefits of Sharing Location

However, some users find it necessary to share location information and even useful. For instance, if you are trying to reach a party location, you can view the location of the host while chatting with them.

Reaching Great Heights

Messenger is slowly being elevated from being a mere application to a comprehensive platform. Video calls have been added, and now it has its own new game. It is obvious that Facebook wishes to make Messenger the default chat application of smartphones, by sheer dint of its features. That is why it is not being tied to Facebook anymore and is a standalone app, in the true sense of the word. Tying it to Facebook would be something of a liability, as there are many people with smartphones who are not on Facebook. Surely, the number of people having smartphones is more than the number of them having a Facebook account. More people are interested in texting and calling rather than update a status.