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Your business should not merely be on Facebook for the sake of it.

The business should be on Facebook as a way of ensuring that it can attract more traffic to its e-commerce website. Being on Facebook should also be for attracting more customers, thus seeing an increase in sales. Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media platform in the world. Being on Facebook and having thousands of followers does not necessarily translate to increased traffic to your site.

So, how can you use Facebook to drive traffic to your website?

  1. Posting Shareable Content on Your Website

Your website should never be the same yesterday, today and forever. The site should undergo changes constantly. In the midst of all the changes, check that the site has plenty of shareable content all the time. Content marketing is what you need to incorporate. Publish fresh content on your website for both search engine optimization and social media marketing. Your site does not need fresh and shareable content every day, but once a week or month would suffice.

If you need help with fresh and shareable content, focus on doing the following:

  • Sharing weekly tips on any aspect of your niche
  • Sharing weekly news bites, complete with a photo
  • Featuring a list of some of the best articles you have come across during the week
  • Interviewing some influential person in the office or within the industry
  1. Simplifying the Sharing of Content from Website to Facebook

All fresh content on your website should be shareable on Facebook. For this to happen, identifying and adding the best social share plugin as Facebook Share buttons would be great. To help you in this regard, invest in Digg plugin. The addition of static share buttons both at the beginning as well as the end of the shareable post is similarly worthy of consideration. The individual pages on the website also need share buttons.

  1. Optimizing Facebook Posts

You have to optimize the manner in which you post on Facebook. It is possible for you to post links to your website in more ways than one. The three ways of doing this are:

  • Cutting and pasting the links on the status section on Facebook
  • Posting a photo before adding the links on the status update section of Facebook
  • Posting the link on the status update section of Facebook before cutting the links out and changing what you posted to text only

You will also drive more traffic to your website from Facebook by optimizing other places on this social media platform and adding links to the website. Other sections of your Facebook account should feature the links you want the readers to see and click. Photo descriptions should feature links. Your personal profile could do with optimization as well. Advertising on Facebook has worked wonders for several brands and you should also try it.

Therefore, begin following these guidelines today and see traffic to your website increase manifold with the help of Facebook. Invest in fresh content. Invest in the appropriate share plugins. Do not forget to optimize all your Facebook posts. All the other places on Facebook require optimization as well. Do not be afraid to advertise on Facebook if you want to see the traffic to your website increase significantly.