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If you haven’t tried Clash of Clans yet, stop whatever you are doing and go play it. Starting with these simple tricks, you can be on top of the game.

Take Care Of You Gems!

Gems can be really important here, so it’s best to gather and not spend them. If you want to gather more, focus on getting rid of the obstacles and make sure you finish your missions. Remember there might be a situation when you are in need of many gems, store up on them as much as you can.

Sneak Attack Is A Good Tactic

Being better than your opponents and preparing for a sneak attack is something you must do for sure. If they aren’t prepared for it, the odds are in your advantage. Hidden traps and bombs are the aces you need for this trickier attack.

Be Keen On Your Spells

Your spells as well as your gems are precious facts, so take care of them. Make sure you are aware how many elixirs it has so that you can use them wherever is needed.

Castle Placing Space

Some of you might not be sure where to locate the castle. Well, our advice is to look for a central spot. It will help you defend it a lot better. But, this is only available once you reach Town Hall 7.

Improved Experience and Skills

Make sure to keep away bushes and trees of your village or you can also give away several troops to member of your clan. This is a great strategy for accumulating more experience without having to waste any of your other resources.

Cannons Makes The Differences

Using cannons will be a big help for your defenses. It will not cost you much and if you have plenty of cannons, you defense will be tight and your castle will be safe.