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Summer hot deals are the greatest and Microsoft knows that it has loyal users who are willing to buy its products, in order to benefit from the new features and improvements. And the Windows 10 has been announced in October, last year, but until July 29, the users were able to test only Preview Builds, which they were allowed to download if they were members of the Windows Insider Program. The new operating system has two important versions, Home and Pro and they are free to install for those who bought a license for the Windows 7, 7 or 8.1.

If you’ll want to buy a copy of the Windows 10 Home, the retail price is $119, while the Home version costs $199.

Windows 10 Home

The basic variant has a revamped Start Menu, which has returned after it has been removed from the Windows 8. Cortana, the personal assistant which was introduced on Windows Phone, will be available on Windows 10, but more features will make their way to the new operating system: Battery Saver (it will limit the background activity on the device), TPM support (with additional security-related functions) and Windows Hello.

The users will have the Virtual Desktops option and Snap assist feature, being able to run four applications on one screen, simultaneously. Continuum will allow them to switch from desktop mode to tablet mode and Microsoft Edge will make their browsing experience more exciting.

Windows Update will make sure that the device will get the latest updates from Microsoft, as well as other security measures such as Microsoft Passport. The users will still need to install an efficient antivirus program, because the internet is full of threats and hackers can’t wait to exploit their victims.

Windows 10 Pro

Besides the aforementioned features, you’ll get sophisticated connectivity and privacy tools and the list includes Domain Join, Bitlocker (disk-encryption tool for external USB-drives), Group Policy Management, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE), Remote Desktop, Client Hyper-V (built-in virtualization solution), Direct Access and Assigned Access 8.1 (it locks user accounts, preventing them from accessing specific applications).

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